Edibles Review: Zendo Peanut Butter & Coconut Oil

Zendo Coconut Oil only has two ingredients: coconut oil and cannabis. This product is an all natural and gluten free edible that also works as an infused topical. Each package is 1.43 ounces and has 60 mg of THC made from hybrid strains of top shelf cannabis. Coconut oil is an easy and effective way to medicate most foods, as well as coffee or smoothies. As a topical, it’s great as a daily moisturizer or massage oil, and can work miracles when being used to treat to skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. It smells sweet and studies now suggest coconut oil may prevent arthritis and diabetes.

Zendo Peanut Butter also has only two ingredients: cannabis, and all natural raw peanuts. Like the coconut oil, it’s also gluten free and hybrid. Each snack sized pouch is one ounce and has 50 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol inside. It’s right in between being crunchy and smooth and doesn’t have any added sugar. Peanuts are an excellent protein source and help lower blood cholesterol. Zendo peanut butter is perfect on crackers or toast, but it’s also a quick, tasty and easy way to medicate consuming it straight out of the pouch. You also might want to try adding infused peanut butter to your favorite medicated or non-medicated chocolate bar for a truly indulgent treat. This is a healthy and simple way to eat your medicine and have a great time doing it.

Both Zendo products come in a round pouch package with a tear away top and are 100% vegan. You can learn more about Zendo by visiting them at ZendoEdibles.com.

Jack Paradise

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