Farewell to the King: RIP Chadwick Boseman

The Black Panther Party: A Blazed Blerd Movie Review

Farewell to the King: RIP Chadwick Boseman

By Black Spider-Man

Chadwick Boseman is the 2pac of movies. He is to motion pictures what Charlie Parker is to jazz. He is the Muhamed Ali of acting. That is to say that Chadwick Boseman is not only the greatest of all time, not only the best at what he did, but his perfect art and devotion to his craft was a reflection of his goodness.

As Jackie Robinson, he played the baseball icon who endured hardship and persevered with poise and quiet dignity. Then in life, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and persevered with poise and quiet dignity. Chadwick Boseman found himself “living the sermon.”

As the Black Panther, he played a superhero king with power over millions and yet human enough to kneel. In these times, we desperately need to see leaders like that, if only in the movies.

Even hosting Saturday Night Live we were able to laugh at how even though Africans and African Americans are culturally very different we are truly brothers. We need to remember that we are all brothers and sisters.

Now his work will resonate with the power and symbolism that will eclipse all his contemporaries. Chadwick Boseman has credited his career to Denzel Washington and now Denzel is our brightest candle and Boseman is the sun.

So to celebrate his life I smoked an uplifting Sativa and watched all the greatest scenes from my Chadwick Collection. Often being the best thing in the best movies like Civil War and Infinity War. With a nice high, I watched Black Panther return in End Game and it sent me.

Film Director Terry Gilliam once railed against the movie Black Panther. Personally I think anybody who directed that flaming turd “the Adventures of Baron Munchausen” should be director curb-stomped, but Terry Gilliam is correct. There is no such place as Wakanda. But what that fool doesn’t understand is that even though Wakanda is not a real country, Wakanda is an idea. Wakanda is a state of mind. A nation of the soul in which every human being is a welcome citizen.

The future is Black Panther. His final tweet is only the beginning of his ascension to eternal greatness. In the years to come teenagers will wear T-Shirts and hang portraits of Chadwick, not fully understanding his contribution. There will never be another Black Panther. We don’t need another one. I suggest to you that we have not lost our King. We have crowned him. Wakanda forever.

Black-Spiderman is the world’s most trifling super hero. Part man, part spider, ALL BLACK! Watch Black Spider-Man, the “Web” series here: Black Spider-Man’s Web, and always bet on black. 

Read the original Blazed Blerd review of Black Panther from April 2018 here: The Black Panther Party: A Blazed Blerd Movie Review

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