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Sababa Cannabis Infused Snacks - Product Review Edibles List Magazine

Sababa Snacks

• Sababa Mole
Sababa is hands down my new favorite edible line of snacks. These whole oat clusters are not only healthy and delectable but also knocking a power punch in the potency department.

The experience (yes I’m calling it an experience because that’s what it felt like) starts by appreciating their packaging and labels on each of their products. You could put this right in the cabinet and people would think its any other snack that you enjoy. Kudos to the company on their logo and how unique yet neat it is as well. Then you move on to the flavor of your choice. Today I am trying the Molè Spice with Pepitas & Cacao…try saying that five times fast. It comes with four pieces to a bag with each of the pieces averaging 20 mg apiece.

When you open the bag it smells like you’re walking down the bag-your-own-oats section at your local Wholefoods. That is followed closely by an herbal spice flavor that hits your nose and excites your senses. You can’t really put your hands on what the actual spice is, but you know its there and that you can’t wait to try it. To be perfectly honest I thought it was pepitas until I realized that pepitas was the Spanish word for “pumpkin seed.” Look at that… culinary review and cultural lesson at the exact same time.

The molè is so authentic when added to the chocolate, sesame, and pumpkin seeds. It tastes exotic, fresh, and interesting all at the same time. Im almost certain I wouldn’t like this oat cluster if the crunch from the seeds were missing, but since they are present this is one of my new favorite snacks.

The cannabis that made this snack can be traced to a grower in Oakland, and the mole used is hand made. I also love the fact that it is gluten and dairy free. This makes this the perfect snack right before a hike, on a picnic, or after a long day at work. Whatever your reason just make sure you try one of their amazing whole oat cluster flavors today.

Sababa Cannabis Infused Snacks - Product Review Edibles List Magazine

• Sababa Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut
Sababa Dark Chocolate Pecan & Hazelnut would be a treat at any party. This is one of my new go to snacks that I know will taste great and really does a great job of medicating me effectively. The package contains four (4) doses of delicious clusters totaling about 80 mg per package. This helps the consumer dose their medicine according to their tolerance, so I knew exactly how much I could handle before I got carried away.

When you open the bag it smells like a sweet Christmas tree sprinkled in cinnamon. I promise you that’s a good thing, and I found myself imaging what the flavors would taste like as I inhaled. After several deep breaths I pulled out the perfect square piece that I examined closely. The chocolate coating is surprising since I could smell the cinnamon more, but the gluten free oats really brought the entire snack together. It also has my favorites pecans and hazelnuts as well.

The organic coconut oil is a nice touch, and people with dairy allergies will love this treat because it is dairy free. I love how I can pronounce all of the ingredients on the back of the label. That speaks volumes in my opinion of the direction that the industry is headed in. We will start to see more and more of these amazing health conscious products to hit the market. Ones that pay attention to the dietary needs of a niche market and really excel as industry leaders because of it. Thanks Sababa and other companies like them for elevating the edible game to an entirely different palate of mature audiencess.

Sababa Cannabis Infused Snacks - Product Review Edibles List Magazine

• Sababa Cashew and Apricot
The first thing I noticed about the Sababa whole oat clusters, was how great the packaging looked. This immediately gave me hope that the inside content was something to look forward to, and I’m just glad it lived up to my expectations. The clusters come four to a package, and they are around 20 mg per piece. This is just enough to make the average consumer feel mellow and at ease for several hours.

The Sababa Caramel with Cashew and Apricot were the first ones I sampled. The chewy apricot was the first ingredient I tasted followed slowly by the crunch of the cashew. The cashew texture was the perfect end to the moist bite, and the caramel was a light added flavor that held the cluster together. The apricot was such a unique and new flavor that you aren’t used to in a medicated edible, and it made me appreciate the snack even more.

This snack truly wins hands down for me because it has 0 THC taste to it. You really feel like you picked this snack up from Costco or your local grocery store instead of at a dispensary full of other medicated products. I hate that lingering back-of-the-mouth residual THC taste, and I’m happy to report that none of the Sababa products have that problem.

Not only does it tell you the nutritional information on the outside, but it also displays when the products expire, and where the cannabis came from to make the delicious treats. The resealable bag keeps your goodies fresh until the expiration date, so you don’t have to worry about the product becoming stale.

This is also an awesome dietary friendly snack that is gluten and dairy free, which makes it an even bigger winner in my book.

It actually feels like manufacturers are starting to respond to consumers who want more options besides brownies and candy.

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