3rd Annual Best of Edibles List Awards Recap

3rd Annual Best of Edibles List Awards Recap

The Third Annual Best of Edibles List Awards was held last month on Sunday February 26th at the historic Casa Vertigo in Downtown Los Angeles, and this year we had the best event yet! The evening actually got started late in the afternoon at 3PM, and was open to dispensaries, collectives, and delivery services so they could do some uninterrupted wholesale shopping with the large selection vendors and all of their cannabis infused wares in a business-to-business only open house for a couple of hours, and then at 5PM all of the attendees were allowed inside so they could get their gift bags, make the rounds to all the booths and tables and gather any swag and free samples being offered, and also to buy any products they cared to get. Although there wasn’t smoking allowed inside, there was plenty of vaping going on and an incredible variety of edibles available for guests and contestants to consume on site. The dinner was catered by Sweet Jay’s Barbecue and had the option of infused or non-infused sauces to go with the pulled pork, chicken, salad, and mac n’ cheese.

There was a deluxe “Canna-Bus” with a fully stocked bar and plenty of pre-rolls parked out front for anyone who wanted to smoke flower and still get out of the cold. A lot of folks dressed up in evening wear and cocktail attire, which really made the photos being taken on the red carpet throughout the night look extra beautiful, and it seemed especially appropriate since the celebration was being held on the same day as The Academy Awards Ceremony. The DJ was onstage playing fresh and funky music all evening long while people mingled, networked, sipped drinks, and munched on deliciously infused cannabis treats that included a variety of everything ranging from cotton candy and gluten free cupcakes to spicy teriyaki beef jerky and candied bacon, and there was even an array of vegan and kosher choices available too. Pro-wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam was there as a special guest celebrity presenter for the awards show.

The venue was packed by the time the trophies started being handed out, and it was wonderful hearing all of the compassionate acceptance speeches being given by the winners. It’s such an amazing time each year, when Edibles List is able to recognize the excellent work being done in this industry by so many companies who truly are in this business for all the right reasons. Please take the time to look over the list of winners, pictures, and awards printed in this issue, and we definitely do hope to see you at this event next year – so save the date!

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