K-Town Infused Chicken & Waffles

KoreaTown Collective Cannabis Infused Chicken and Waffles

On Saturday March 4th, the staff of Edibles List had the pleasure of feasting on ”Edibles R’ Us” Cannabis Infused Chicken and Waffles from The Koreatown Collective on Melrose. This deliciously indulgent meal is available the first Saturday every month, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re anywhere near Southern California. K-Town has been offering infused chicken and waffles for the last year and a half, and KTC’s owner Janice Hardoon told us they started the tradition for a patient who had lung cancer and was unable to medicate by smoking, and needed savory and high protein meals with a high THC content to help her recover after chemotherapy treatments. Every layer is infused: the chicken is marinated with a blend of OG flowers, as well as the waffle batter, syrup, butter, ketchup, and hot sauce.

The dosing goes like this: Each chicken wing contains 30mg of THC, and each waffle has 40mg. Condiments are served in 2 oz jars, and the butter has 35mg. Ketchup, syrup, and hot sauce each contain 30mg. The dosing for each patient can be controlled by the amount of sauces that are used, and everything is tested for quality and potency by SC Labs. These marijuana medicated chicken wings and waffles are incredibly tasty, very potent, highly recommended, and as creative a way to medicate as we’ve seen yet!

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