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“I believe this industry is becoming a platform full of support for any woman who wants to jump in and take it head on, all they have to do is jump!”

THE GLORIOUS GROWER – Alexa “Lexi” Davis is one of the owners of Emerald Family Farms (EFF), a company representing Master Gardeners, Breeders, Healers, and small batch private reserve farmers, that has become one of the fastest growing cooperatives of farms in the Emerald Triangle. They produce a wide range of products from CO2 oil, shatter, disposable pens, edibles and of course some of the best organic flower on the market. Emerald Family Farms has a network of subsidiary brands that they help bring to market and offer a safe haven for smaller farmers. Emerald Family Farms, like its name suggests, is a family striving to bring everyone to their fullest potential. They enjoy bringing smaller famers into their network and sourcing the absolute best products the market has to offer. They are also adamant about keeping the pioneers such
as third and fourth generation cultivators with invaluable knowledge in the industry.

Both Lexi and her husband Isaiah, were born and raised in Humboldt County and have always had a true sense of the roots of this cannabis industry. Less than a year ago Lexi and Isaiah teamed up with four other like-minded individuals to create a wholly organic cooperative, which now provides top-quality pesticide and chemical free medicine for patients. Emerald Family Farms is comprised of six active partners who not only oversee, but are involved in every aspect of the day-to-day operations of the company. Although too busy to give themselves official job titles at the moment, Lexi serves in a broad management capacity, meaning on any given day one can find her facilitating communication between the managing partners, streamlining production in the warehouse, working with testing laboratories, handling sales, social media, and marketing.

Lexi and Isaiah have been active in lobbying efforts for local cannabis farmers. “We set it [Emerald Family Farms] up because Isaiah and Patrick Murphy, another partner at EFF, were policy Co-Chairs of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt (CCVH) and were instrumental in drafting the medical cannabis land use ordinance for Humboldt County.” The ordinance passed unanimously and Humboldt County became the first and only county to regulate medical cannabis under current California laws. The idea was to attempt to bring farmers into compliance and get Humboldt County’s stricter cultivation guidelines grandfathered in before state licenses come into play. “Our passions switched, it was no longer about risk versus reward; it was about what was right and wrong. We had a moral obligation to protect the 15,000 or so small farms in Humboldt and create equal access for small farms into the market place.” Emerald Family Farms was formed from a set of values including, equal access, safe working environments, responsible agriculture, and protecting the small farmers.

The partners at Emerald Family Farms are passionate about giving back to both our industry and their community. Lexi explains that they recently set up a question and answer type workshop with their lawyers and advisors for some of the smaller farms and companies, in order to answer questions about compliance and what to do when things go legal recreationally in the future. The meeting was attended by 55 people and was a spinoff from the farmer compliance workshops that CCVH started last year. The workshops will continue throughout the year, two each month, as a free service to the brands and the farms Emerald Family Farms represents and supports.

In addition, to being involved in all aspects of the business, Lexi is raising two young girls who are fully aware of what it is their mother and father do. “We have raised them in an environment where cannabis is known as a medicine and not a drug. They understand that although not all people share this same view it isn’t something they need to fear. We operate from a set of morals and ethics rather than any failed, fear mongering, prohibitionist policies,” explained Lexi.

As a mother working in the cannabis industry, Lexi had some enlightening advice for mothers who may be afraid of being in the public eye, associated with the cannabis world, “I worked for Child Protective Services for years before I had children, and now in this industry, I have a deeper understanding of what they are looking for when they are coming in. It is a matter of child endangerment from many different aspects of this industry for them. We are open and transparent with our children, but our home is our safe haven and we keep them away from all the risks involved with a cannabis business in regards to any minors.”

“I am so humbled by the fact that this industry is finally breaking down walls that should have been gone long before. This industry at the core of my culture and life since the beginning, and although we have just broken the tip off the iceberg, there is no stopping us now.”

For more information about Lexi or Emerald Family Farms go to:

IG: @EmeraldFamilyFarms
Twitter: @EmeraldFamily1
Facebook: /EmeraldFamilyFarms

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