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“I am not the puppet, I am the driver behind Adistry.”

THE TALENTED TECHIE – From Yogi to tech mogul Meghan Larson vows to be the absolute best at what she does. Meghan and her partner founded Adistry, the premier cannabis marketing network. Meghan’s background is in marketing for art studios and various creative organizations. She met her business partner who was looking to take on Weedmaps and other finders when they realized there was no one offering a great platform for digital marketing in the cannabis industry; thus, Adistry was born.

Adistry is an advertising platform that offers the industry a solution for all cannabis marketing needs. It was also the very first video ad server for the cannabis industry. They offer a full spectrum of services including ad design and campaign management to publishing ads across their extensive publisher networks which include events, magazines, and websites.

Meghan found her niche in the market and was able to carve out a whole new section for her to belong in. She is not a baker of delicious edibles nor is she a collective owner; instead, she is the head of a canna-tech company. I was intrigued to know what it was like from her perspective of not only being a woman in the industry, but the female face of a tech company. Meghan’s answer was perfect:

“I have always been taught by my father to never think women were different. Man, woman, or Martian I want to the best.”

According to Meghan, this industry has been overwhelmingly welcoming to women. Right now the market may be perceived as predominantly comprised of white males ranging from 21-40 years old. However, this does not necessarily lend itself to creativity, which leads me to believe is precisely the reason as to why there is an influx of feminine energy coming into this business.

Meghan says it best – “We are all the troublemaker pioneers and we are all in this together”. The weed industry is on the precipice of change, so men and women alike are accepted and welcomed in the pot universe.

For more information on Meghan Larson or Adistry please go to:
Twitter: @AdistryUSA
Instagram: @MeghanAdistry
Facebook: /AdistryUSA

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