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Bhang is one of the most renowned brands in our young industry. Scott Van Rixel, the CEO and his team of licensees have turned a chocolate bar into an international sensation. Scott came into the industry with a great brand and amazing product (with fantastic packaging) and teamed up with the right people, and now the brand is in six states and has an international presence.

At this point I am sure many of you have heard of Bhang, if not tried their products, but for anyone who has not tried one of their chocolates or someone looking for a safe and consistent edible to start with, Bhang would be it. If you are new to edibles, I would suggest trying the ice chocolate bar. It is peppermint milk chocolate using a hybrid CO2 infusion. Bhang’s chocolate is made using fairly traded Venezuelan criollo cacao and only the finest natural ingredients. In this specific bar, the flavor of cannabis is virtually undetectable and the flavor brings me back to when I was little and would eat the mint chocolates left on the pillows at a hotel. However, do note that this bar is 180mg, so start go and go slow. The bar is scored out in 45mg pieces, therefore, you can portion it out depending on your tolerance.

Additionally, I tasted the fire chocolate, cookies & cream, cherries & cream and CBD caramel bars. I liked the fire chocolate because it is has a kick to it that
actually creeps up on you. The textured packaging is eye catching and
sleek. They even include barcodes, complete nutrition facts, along with
all pertinent information.

The Bhang vaporizer cartridges are smooth and clean tasting. I tried the 550mg All Natural Purple Diesel. It was great tasting and incredibly effective. The company offers a few lines of cartridge, the Bhang Black Private Reserve series (testing at 70%), the Pure Oil (testing at 50-60%) and the All Natural (20-30%) lines as well. They also have the Bhang Perfecto, a discreet disposable pen filled with the All Natural oil.

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