It might just be a Pavlov response, but every time I see “E” on Incredibles’ packaging, I am eager to examine its contents. I really do love the re-sealable packaging. Sometimes I like to take my time and get to know my edibles a little better. So it is nice to have that option of sealing in the freshness. The packaging is very clearly labeled.

The entire package contains 100mg of THC, each gummie being 6.6mg-8.3mg, perfect dosing for medical or recreational purposes. Now we all know there are a ton of infused gummie candy companies out there, but what we love about Incredible, besides being one of the original edible companies in Colorado, is that these gummies are actually made from scratch. That’s right! No spraying here.

I ate two and waited an hour, then took two more. Shortly after, all was right with the world. My pain and spasms settled down. I no longer cared about what was going on with the primaries. And somehow, I was still able to get some things done.

I have to say, the gummies tasted incredible! They didn’t have that weird aftertaste that I normally get with gummies (usually because of the type of oil or concentrate used). As far as I could tell, the potency seemed spot on. The entire package is filled with tangerine, grape and cherry flavored gummies.
n my opinion, these treats are among the best in the gummy category. And knowing that I have sealed in the freshness for tomorrow, makes it even better.

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