BOSS LADY EDIBLES Bath Bhombs & Cookies and Cream 1000mg Bar

boss Lady bath bhombs

A new trend in the infusion market is cannabis bath bombs. What better way to get your meds than directly through the skin? Boss Lady’s bath bhombs are large balls that dissolve into your bath water, creating an infused bath dream escape from pain. We highly recommend trying out their bath bhombs. Not only are they medicated with cannabis, they have healing essential oils and just a hint of menthol for topical pain relief that is unmatched.

Their chocolate bars are 1000mg and will hit you like a truck. Proceed with extreme CAUTION. This, ladies and gentlemen is 1000mg. if you know that you can tolerate the whole bar, congratulations! This will last most patients a few days. Fortunately, the label is very clearly written. So if you eat the whole bar, you didn’t read it. White chocolate isn’t everyone’s favorite, but because it is such a high-dose edible, you don’t need to eat very much to get the job done. There wasn’t a detectable medicine or awkward taste at all. I personally give it a high score for taste. We really like this candy bar and it definitely does the trick! Plus, there is an added benefit, they are cost effective! Since they are so high-dose, you can buy one and eat it over time. Just refrigerate and break pieces off as you desire to, and enjoy!

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