Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Tincture Healing Oil

mackenzie medicinals

Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Oil is cannabis oil blended with other essential oils to further enhance the healing properties of cannabis. The base is organic coconut oil, and the bottle contains 450mg of THC. In addition to cannabis infused oil, this fine little topical tincture includes Copaiba – oil from the Amazon is a wound healer and anti-inflammatory, Emu oil – heals burns and is a transdermal, and Tamanu – from the South Pacific which is an anti-neuralgic and an antibacterial. According to the owners of Mackenzie Medicinals, patients have reported that it has helped them with pain from arthritis to fibromyalgia, as well helping to heal skin infections, burns and rashes.

I have inadvertently carried the spray in a jacket I always wear. In fact, I walked into something – I am kind of clumsy – and had a giant bruise on my hip while out with friends one night. Since I happened to have the topical healing oil in my pocket, and within fifteen minutes after using it, the throbbing from the bruise was gone. It is no wonder they won first place for Best Topical Tincture in the 2015 Best of Edibles List Awards.

It is smooth when sprayed on and leaves the skin feeling moisturized. For more information about Mackenzie Medicinals visit:

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