Butter Baby! Cannabis Infused O.G. Butter – 894mg


If you’re looking for straight infused cannabutter that you can just cook with, then Butter Baby!’s O.G. Butter is the product you’re looking for. They won first place for Best CannaButter in our 2015 Best of Edibles List Awards. Sometimes it’s easier or more cost effective to buy your own infused butter and then make infused snacks or meals over and over again. The 4 ounce jar (1 cup) is infused with 894mg of THC. Most edibles on the market are sweet or sugary, you can take Butter Baby!’s cannabutter and spread just a little on toast for a stoney wake and bake, or you can use a quarter cup (or a half cup depending on your recipe size and tolerance) and make some infused mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

What we love about Butter Baby! is that they use only organic and pesticide-free buds, with a triple step filtration process, and they are lab tested. We greatly appreciate their contribution of a clean, pure product to the edible market.

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