DHAMMA EDIBLES Cinnful Bites, Coconut Cups, & Brownie Bites – 200mg

dhamma edibles

The inspiration behind Dhamma Edibles is to provide a healthy, nearly 100% organic alternative to consuming medical cannabis in an edible form with Vegan and Paleo options. There are several exceptional brands out there, that are making movements in the edible industry. However, many products being provided are saturated in high fats, gluten, and artificial sugars. Which then limits the span of consumerism to a specific patient prototype. The goal is to start a health initiative that reaches all patients far and wide.

Their 200mg award-winning organic Cinnful Bites package contains four mini cinnamon rolls and are a patient favorite.
Toast them or microwave them at home and drizzle the paleo, vegan icing on yourself for a warm and delicious treat that makes you feel good about what you ate. They also have 200mg coconut cups, brownie bites, and infused croutons (that also come in a 400mg bag). Dhamma’s aim is to introduce grain-free, gluten-free, low-sugar, and starch-free products that are healthy but delicious. Dhamma avoids anything GMO, non-organic, refined and processed, so that their edibles are not contributing to additional health ailments. They take gentle care with the ingredients that they put into their products as well
as the kind of cannabis. They lab test all of their products
to ensure accurate doses to achieve pain-relief and comfort
for our patients.

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