Culinary Cannabis Event

This past July in Huntington Beach, California, an impressive event took place within the cannabis industry that highlighted infused CBD edibles. Culinary Cannabis was created by a loving mother’s quest to support a healthier life for her son’s illness. The Sunday afternoon event brought out great audiences that were pleasantly pleased at an upscale cannabis social event.

The gastric soiree consisted of chefs who created an inspired collection of CBD infused dishes for guests to taste. There was garlic polenta, pastries stuffed with savory flavors as well as fruit sweetness, crispy crust pizza with delicious Thai spices, thirst quenching infused CBD water with an array of fruit flavors all to the enjoyment of the culinary curious. CBD infused edibles are mostly non-psychoactive and have a more progressively healing delivery.

Both cannabis infused products and ancillary vendors were on hand with tables to market and their products within the cutting-edge cannabis industry. It was truly an educational experience as each representative had great information to share. From personal grow gardens, topical balms, Club M (a cannabis box similar to a wine of the month club) and so much more; every side of the industry was represented.

Speakers took to the stage, sharing information summarizing the medical benefits of cannabis to outlining finite details on the endocannabinoid system. The Culinary Cannabis event presented very exciting information for everyone to take in and enjoy. What everyone was waiting for was the exciting infused CBD cooking competition. Four brave, talented chefs stepped up to participate in the cannabis CBD challenge with an outstanding array of submissions.

Judges were given the task of deciding on each dish on the following criteria: taste, plating, and blending of the CBD, originality and execution. Chef Nugs a well-known cannabis chef and a veteran who has made a name for himself in the industry was competing with ‘Braised Chorizo and Mussels’ in a tasty broth of garlic with grilled toast. His dish was well executed and attractively plated with great flavor. Chef Gabe Griggs served a ‘Jamaican Roast Pork with Fried Plantains’ with a watermelon and mint salad topped with feta cheese. The winning infused dish was a ‘Garlic Corn Grits with Shrimp Fried Pork Belly and Fresh Grilled Okra,’ made by Chef Andrea Drummer. Judges for the event were Cheri Sicard, author of The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook, Chef Chris Yang of the Infused Pop Up Dining Experience and yours truly.

Once the cheers, vendors and guests started to depart you could hear how everyone didn’t want to see Culinary Cannabis end. It was a great success that only reaffirms that positive social cannabis events are wanted and appreciated. The community of cannabis lifestyle is changing and growing as we continue to learn about the plant and the myriad of benefits. Edibles that are non-psychoactive are appreciated for the dynamic health aspects and we hope to see more events as such. The goals of the organizers were met in being able to share with guests on incorporating CBD cannabis into delicious chef inspired edibles.

Keiko Beatie
Staff Editor

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