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This year has seen an overwhelming surge in cannabis events, from business to business tradeshows, to industry organizations, to consumer oriented consumption events. With events happening nearly every week, and when many of the same speakers are a part of multiple conferences, it becomes harder for any event to stand out, or offer something new.

The 3rd annual State of Marijuana does just that. This event combines several panelists and keynote speakers from the top of the industry with government officials responsible for writing and enforcing the new medical cannabis regulation in a consumption friendly event. While having a designated consumption area is common in the industry, it is the first time consumption is welcome in an event with government officials attending.

We spoke with the event’s co-producer Susan Soares of C.A.R.E (a non profit organization that accelerates opportunities and provides education to the public.) to find out more:

Q) How is this event different from previous cannabis events?

“Imagine CNN’s state of the union, we are also a more intimate event, there will be 700 people in attendance and most of them are VIPs. You will definitely meet some interesting people. We are giving away a large percentage of our registrations to elected officials so this is a great opportunity for attendees to lobby them.“

Q) What are you hoping to achieve with this event?

“I can’t speak for my partner but my hope is that we actually make a difference in the 2016 election. What that means remains to be seen. I’m an educator at heart. My goal is to present a diversity of opinions so that we can all learn and grow. I’m still on the fence when it comes to many issues including Prop. 64. I hope that we all leave The State of Marijuana with answers and growing unity.”

Q) What made you want to throw this event on the Queen Mary? Any history of cannabis and the Queen Mary ?

“The Queen Mary is an elegant event space. My personal goal and the mission of C.A.R.E. is to produce elegant events that highlight a cannabis community that is professional and productive. When you are on board the Queen Mary you feel transformed back to alcohol prohibition days. It’s a beautiful venue! I actually moved to Long Beach in order to get a business license to produce cannabis events here. The Queen Mary (Jane) was a no brainer for the best place in town for a cannabis conference”

Q) Typically, cannabis events with state officials are non-consumption events; are we likely to run into them in the consumption area?

“There is no “consumption area” per se. In Long Beach you can consume your personal medical cannabis anywhere you can smoke cigarettes. The deck outside the Britannia Salon is such a place. We will have product demos and sponsor tables on the deck as well. The government officials and other VIPs are free to move about wherever they like. All I can say is it will be interesting! I just got permission to bring live plants to the event. These are all firsts for The Queen Mary so this event will be historic in so many ways. “

Don’t forget to get your tickets soon. You don’t want to miss the boat!

Tomer Grassainy

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