Derby Bakery – a new kid on the block – entered the cannabis industry in January, though they are clearly not amateurs! The company offers a line of baked goods currently including cookies, peanut butter cups and caramels, although I am sure there is more to come. The company entered the market by adding cannabis to existing award-winning baked goods.

Their packaging is impeccable! The branding is subtle and attractive, they also use high-end, food grade, re-sealable packages that keep the products extra fresh. This is a nice touch for baked goods as I don’t always want to eat a full cookie, sometimes I just want to nibble throughout the day. The cookies are soft and delicious. There is a slight hint of cannabis but is mostly masqued. Derby Bakery infuses their products with a hybrid CO2 oil allowing for a nice mellow effect. Both the Lucky Lemon Cookie, made with white chocolate chips and Macadamia nuts as well as the Triple Crown Cookie, which is a chocolate pecan nut cookie are wonderful and the packaging really does keep the cookies soft. Each contain 40mg of THC.

The Daily Double Peanut Butter Cups are milk chocolate cups with rich peanut butter centers. The infused peanut butter within the cocoa cup is whipped to velvety texture, and treats your taste buds with a medium roasted, malty nut flavor that is salty and semi-sweet. Derby Bakery Peanut Butter Cups use organic, locally-sourced ingredients from Sonoma County. The Daily Double Peanut Butter Cups are packaged 4 per bag in dosages of 20mg per cup. These peanut butter cups rival Hershey’s, they are absolutely delectable! Since they are low dose I decided to eat all of them at once. Once the medication hit I was not left debilitated and really enjoyed the effects of the Derby Bakery products. As their packaging packaging suggests, it was absolutely my lucky day, in that I had the chance to try these edibles! If interested in a phenomenal new edible check out Derby Bakery online at: www.DerbyBakery.com

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