Edible Review: Dave’s Space Cakes

Dave’s Space Cakes are these adorable Double Chocolate mini cake brownie bites that are small enough to fit right in your standard cannabis pill bottle. Don’t let the size fool you though. They are so awesome because they not only taste incredible, but they are also gluten free so they are dietary friendly too. This Dutch inspired Skywalker OG infused treat packs a punch, but because the entire package is only around 15mg you can ensure that you stay medicated the entire day without getting too stoned.

The container is child proof and comparable to the 7 gram pill poppers available at every local dispensary. Pop the top and take a whiff… no, seriously you have to do it when you try these. It brings back memories of when you smell the chocolate throughout the house from fresh baked brownies right before its time for them to come out of the oven. Then they put them in these cute cupcake cups so it looks like the perfect, delicious little goody.

I loved how on the outside of the packaging they tell me when this particular batch was made, when it was tested, and the certified lab testing facility that did it. That already establishes trust and credibility, and that is something that we really need to see more of as the industry progresses. You guys I triple dog dare you to try Dave’s Ole’ Fashioned Gluten-Free Space Cakes, and tell them Edibles List sent you.

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