Edible Review: Orange U-Glad


Ok, so I get this box of stuff to review, and Orange U Glad is the first product my hand went to pick up. The blue and orange comb on the packaging was one reason but honestly it was because it had “orange” on the label and in the name. I automatically assumed that they had infused the orange flavor into chocolate, and I was incredibly curious to see what that taste like….WRONG! It was even better than that. Close your eyes and picture a round ball of chocolate sliced like an orange. It has ridges on one side like an actual orange peel. I don’t know if it’s me or not but I feel like they added an orange terpene scent, but there is no orange taste in the chocolate. Let me know when you try it guys if I made that up or not but either way I like the “whack and peel” sticker and the bright orange foil as the outer wrapper. It will be a guaranteed hit at all the Halloween parties this year.

The unique way that it’s sliced sets it apart from any chocolate on the market these days. The convenience of pulling off the perfect piece of a 10mg piece of chocolate in the shape of an orange slice makes the inner kid in you shout with joy from the playground. It will be interesting to see how this company grows, and what marketing strategies they will think of. Bottom line, step it up guys because companies are out here making awesome chocolate right now that is fun to eat, tastes great, and gets you HIGH.

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