Fast & Easy Canna Butter

Every issue we give you another way to make your own cannabis infusion, along with suggested recipes to use the infusion in. Last issue we came across a product that helps you make canna-butter in 10 minutes!

3.5 to 5grams of chopped, dried buds, shake or trim. 1 Stick Butter½ cup water The Mota Pot by Eat Cannibles

Slice the stick of butter into half inch sections and place each square into the bottom compartment of The Mota Pot. Then fill the rest of the bottom chamber with water almost to the top. Put the ground up cannabis into the second metal grate chamber that fits inside the bottom chamber, screw the top compartment back on and place on medium heat on the stove. Wait about ten minutes or until you hear the pot almost whistling with steam and then pull the pot off the heat and pour out into a heat safe bowl. Let solidify, and then poke and drain out the excess water . Use as desired.

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