Magnolia Wellness Center

Located in West Oakland, Magnolia Wellness Center is a truly groundbreaking collective unlike any other. They carry a wide selection of potent edibles that include, Cheeba Chews, Korova, Kiva Bars, and more. Their bud flowers and concentrates are of the utmost quality, and their staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Any pot shop or collective can offer flowers and edibles, but Magnolia Wellness shows their patients that they truly care about their well-being
by offering free services. These services include a barber shop, chiropractic care, yoga, massage therapy, Reiki, and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. Normally one might spend hundreds of dollars a week on these kinds of treatments. They take alternative healing to the next level by combining herbal medicine with holistic healing modalities, and it’s all free to their patients! All you have to do is pre-register at the shop or conveniently online on their website.

If you are in the Bay Area we invite you to check out their collective and become a member and take advantage of the free healing services they offer. We hope that more shops follow suit with this kind of model, helping to heal those in need. Check them out online at www.MagnoliaWellness.org.

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