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Edibles Magazine Reviews Glazed Edibles Chocolate Truffles

Jack Paradise

Glazed Edibles is the high end brand of artisan chocolates being produced by owners of Glacier Chocolate and The Emerald Gallery Dispensary in downtown Tulsa. The “Glazed and Amuzed” Collection features a variety of 6 different flavors of cannabis infused truffles that are 10mg of THC each, making a total of 60mg of THC per box. The flavors are Cafe Latte, Cinnamon Roll, Blood Orange and Wild Honey, Limoncello, Creme Brulee and Cookie Dough. 

These are some of the most beautiful edibles we’ve ever seen. Each one is painted with vibrant colors and is like a small, delicious, edible piece of cannabis art. Glazed Edibles are created with a combination of ethically sourced, delicious imported Belgium chocolates and fine confections infused with high-grade Oklahoma-grown full-spectrum strain-specific BHO, made with cannabis from Heartland Farms & Alterra Wellness. They come in both indica and sativa. It was difficult not to eat the whole box immediately but we took our time and went slow. The effects were very pleasant and crept up slowly and steadily. It was a nice mellow high that allowed for eating a few more truffles. The Limoncello might have been my favorite. 

These truffles are a sweet delicacy and they would be impressive even if they weren’t infused, but since they’re packed with full spectrum cannabis they’re even better. Go to the Glazed Edibles website and see where you can find them, or visit the Emerald Gallery in Tulsa and pick up at the source. They’re even making them for Jim Belushi’s personal brand, Chasing Magic. Check them out at glazededibles.com.

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