Edibles List first came to learn about Karl Young and Hermetic Botanicals late last year and then he met our California team at the 2015 Best of Edibles List Awards Show on January 8, 2015. As the Event Director I was a bit stressed pre-show, Karl introduced himself and asked if I wanted to try a product that would help with clarity, concentration and memory. My answer was obviously “YES!” Minutes later, he appeared with a package that read ‘FOCUS Nootropic Gummies’, and instructed me to eat one or two of the gummy bears. Approximately thirty minutes later I went to find the man who had given me a miracle! I quickly noticed my nerves had calmed, and I was able to effectively focus and implement what needed to be done prior to 35 vendors and over 500 people showing up.

Karl is a remarkable man with a remarkable product. After an electroshock injury to his left eyebrow on a 440v service powerline, he was left with very little functionality, aggression, depression and a limited ability to communicate. While on his road to recovery, he discovered an amazing series of plant-based compounds that help with reconnecting the mind and body. As he began to heal, he began developing this plant-based nootropic that he blended with a gummy delivery.

Additionally, Hermetic offers topicals including Soothing Embrace Body Lotion and Essence of Passion Massage Oil. I must say, the Soothing Embrace Body Lotion is truly one of my favorite cannabis lotions to date. I never really like cannabis lotions because most leave a slimy residue on your skin or feel greasy. Hermetic’s body lotion is as smooth as silk. It hydrates, moisturizes and feels like a second skin. The Essence of Passion Massage Oil is another fantastic product. Unlike many of the other cannabis infused massage oils, Essence of Passion does not smell like cannabis, instead it is almost odorless and only needs a few drops to do the job. In an attempt to keep this PG, I will tell you that if you are looking for a great way to spice up your time in the bedroom Essence of Passion will be a welcomed addition.

These hemp CBD edibles and topicals are truly wonderful products and I urge you all to go to HermeticBotanicals.com and learn more. You’ll thank me later when you can focus and blow your… mind – all at one time!


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