If you like fruit in your chocolate like I do, this is the candy bar for you. The black cherry chocolate bar by Incredibles is absolutely delicious. The 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC makes this bar ideal for daytime use.

Incredibles really set themselves apart from their competition by offering THC-infused products containing homemade, in-house hash oil, butter and bubble hash. They fully decarboxylate the oil and test every batch. By creating everything in-house, they have more control of the process from start to finish ensuring consistent and quality products.

Upon first bite, I was introduced to the taste of rich dark chocolate, and dried cherries. My initial thought was how could this possibly be medicated, because it was so delicious. It didn’t take long to realize that it was indeed medicated. After about a half hour, I felt a calm over my body. The combination of THC with CBD works really well for me. With that combination, my body feels heavily medicated, while my head stays clear. If you suffer from occasional low blood pressure. However, I would advise a word of caution. For me, the combination tends to lower my blood pressure as I run normally low already. It really hasn’t been a problem for me, because I’m sitting all day. But if I were able to stand, I would be concerned about losing my balance, or falling and hurting myself. Other than that little caution, I really like this product. It seems like edibles taste so much better from when I started medicating some years ago.

I have never had a product from Incredibles that I did not like. So unless you detest fruit with your chocolate, you will love this bar. There is something about black cherry that just goes perfect with dark chocolate.

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