Maluka Salt: Cannabis Infused Salt by Dutch Farms

Maluka Salt: Cannabis Infused Salt by Dutch Farms

Also brought to you by Dutch Farms, comes cannabis infused Maluka Salt. Add it to any dish as seasoning, or use it for margarita rim salt, even infuse your favorite beer or ale.

Take a trip on the high seas with Maluka Salt, and season your senses with the savory flavor and cerebral effects of Dutch applewood and smoked French sea salt (guerande). “Flowers from the sea”, hand harvested by sauniers and infused with Dutch Farm’s finest full spectrum cannabis flower concentrates.

Every afternoon, when the weather is right, they make magic. The evaporated pond water causes the tiniest of salt particles to rise to the top and sway with the wind. By early evening, they form shiny thin lace-edged crusts that look like ice. This is fleur de sel, the cream de la creme of salt, so delicate it must be harvested quickly; the humidity of night, or a sudden wind gust could destroy it.

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