Gruuvia: Cannabis Infused Stevia

Gruuvia: Cannabis Infused Stevia Product Review

Dutch Farms is the first to infuse Stevia with cannabis! Stevia is a natural sugar extracted from the stevia plant, and has many benefits over using traditional sugar. Stevia is used as a sugar/sweetener alternative that is safer than artificial sweeteners like aspartame. Gruuvia is high in anti-oxidants, low on the glycemic index, low in calories, good for diabetics, sugar-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. You can add it to your tea, coffee, oatmeal, cookies, or anything that you would add sugar to. It’s perfect for diabetic patients, and each packet is a mild 26mg. We noticed the Gruuvia dissolved better in hot liquid as opposed to cold liquids like iced tea.

Gruuvia is available in 3 different varieties: Original Gruuvia – pure infused stevia crystals, Strawberry Gruuvia – infused stevia crystal with the addition of freeze dried strawberries, and Very Berry Gruuvia – infused stevia crystal with the addition of a freeze dried blend of berries.

So whether you are diabetic looking for cannabis edible solutions or you are just being healthy and watching calorie intake, try Gruuvia.

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