An INCRE-DIBLE edible has come across my desk. If you are looking for a health-conscious edibles, Cre-Edibles has created delicious and healthy alternatives to the traditional baked goods, gummies, and chocolates that currently dominate the edibles market. Their product line consists of “always fresh”, low-dose, infused, oatmeal bars. Founder Aryn Sieber, is dedicated to offering the highest quality products with all-natural ingredients.

Aryn’s road to cannabis was an incredible story, laden with inspiration, illness, and frustration. He was diagnosed with Stage IV Carcinoma of the head and neck in 2014. Ultimately, Aryn’s cancer was attributed to working at Ground Zero, in New York, immediately following the attack on the World Trade Towers, on 9/11.

At the time, Aryn was on a business trip in New York when the tragic crashes took place. Amidst the chaos, he felt it was his duty to help in any manner he could. In an emotional recollection, Aryn explained, “People needed help and I helped. It was a bad situation.”

Aryn went to Ground Zero, and began assisting the Salvation Army. He volunteered for 4½ days, supporting first responders, sifting through the wreckage, and setting up triage centers for the wounded.

More than ten years later, he suffered from a cough that, just ‘never seemed to go away’. He was later diagnosed with Carcinoma of the head and neck. Sieber began his cancer-fighting regimen consisting of traditional and holistic treatments including radiation, chemotherapy, Juice Plus supplements, acupuncture and medical grade cannabis edibles. Within six months of beginning this routine, he was shocked to learn he had entered “complete” remission, meaning there are no traces of cancer anywhere in his system.

Aryn’s father lost his own battle with Galloping (lung) cancer. It was on his father’s birthday, January 12th, 2015, that Cre-Edibles was born. In Aryn’s own words it’s his mission to “bring the use of cannabis out into the light, to address the stigma that surrounds the conversation of cannabis use and to educate others about the use of cannabis as a medicinal option for those in need.”

Cre-Edibles is dedicated to producing “honest” edibles. As of today, the product line consists of Toffee Raisin, Cinnamon Apple, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Golden Oatmeal Bars. They will soon launch CBD, gluten-friendly, sugar free, and vegan products. I have to admit, it is not only exciting, but also extremely refreshing to receive an edible with labeled ingredients and a small pamphlet in each package explaining pertinent information including recommended dosing with a detailed diagram. For those of us who don’t like to just guess what an eighth of a cookie equates to, this is extremely progressive and exciting.

As previously mentioned, Cre-Edibles offers low-dose edibles, which is great for cancer patients who are unable to ingest copious amounts of sugar and calories. Each of their bars contain 50mg o THC each and are small in size. According to the pamphlet, a first time user is recommended to only consume an 1/8th of the bar, which equates to 6.25mg and a regular dose is only a ¼ of the bar equaling 12.5mg.

Cre-Edibles are made from Syrup OG infused coconut oil and all premium organic ingredients. They are small squares that resemble any non-infused oatmeal bar. They have a nice texture and are chewy with a bit of a crunch. I have to admit my favorite is the Toffee Raisin Bar. It is the perfect balance of cinnamon and sweetness. You can taste the flavor of the cannabis, but it does not distract from the natural flavors of the other ingredients.

The business model of Cre-Edibles is to ‘pay it forward’. “It’s all about the 3-C’s – Cannabis, Cancer & Community,” says Sieber. “We plan to open a certified kitchen for ourselves and others who want to test or try to create new edibles. We welcome those who come ask us questions about cannabis. This is not a hustle, what I am trying to do is just bring the truth to light.“

The founder is dedicated to this plant because he has witnessed, first-hand, the incredible benefits of it. “I firmly believe it [cannabis] contributed to saving my life.” He went on to tell me, “Cancer was the best thing that happened to me. I don’t like what it’s done to my body, but it has brought real meaning to my life to where I can help people.”

Cre-Edibles may be among the new kids on the block (in the edibles game), but we would like to commend them on the standard they are setting in this industry. Keep an eye on these guys, their product is outstanding and the company behind the product is even more exceptional. We look forward to following your journey. To learn more about Cre-Edibles go to: Happy Medicating!


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