Medible Feature: Goodies by Magooch Infused Empanadas

Goodies by Magooch Infused Empanadas

So, Edibles List Readers: I have had an epiphany – My job does not suck. The best aspect of my job is constantly being asked to test various infused products; everything from edibles to topicals to tinctures to infused empanadas. Yes readers, I said it – infused empanadas. These sinfully divine indulgences are the product of Goodies by Magooch.

The folks at Goodies by Magooch are no strangers to Edibles List. After winning our coveted Best Olive Oil award last December, they have only been movin’ on up and are creating quite the name for themselves. Goodies offers an assortment of baked goods including brownies, crispy treats, cookies and caramel popcorn; they even offer cheese its and of course, the signature chicken empanadas (which we will get to shortly). Those products are fantastic, but the true shining star is their Gravity Lock Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

They infuse their entire product line using the oil and bottle it. You can buy some then go home and make anything your little heart desires. Their oil is all-natural and does not contain shatter, wax, oils or BHO. This is great for those who like to control how they medicate. However, most of us don’t really want to have to go through the trouble of actually making infused oil, so it works out perfect. Although, this is not about the Gravity Lock Oil, as a testament to how much I love the product – I only have this olive oil in my pantry and pretty much refuse to get any other kind, even unmedicated.

Now, without further adieu, I give you Goodies by Magooch Infused Chicken Empanadas. Holy cow, I really don’t know if I have the words to fully articulate the wonderment that I experienced upon taking my first bite. The golden shell is buttery and has a nice a nice crunch while the filling made of potatoes, cheese and chicken took me straight to my happy place. The chicken filling is well seasoned and has a bit of a spice to it.

After many failed attempts get some of these wonderful treats at past events, I am proud to say that as soon as I was handed five of these piping hot empanadas, I ate two and hoarded the rest. No sharesies, sorry guys these are just too good to share! As I have mentioned in past reviews, I am a SoCal native and I LOVE Spanish food and know my way around Latin flavor profiles, but I have to tell you, these are truly the best empanadas I have ever encountered. Hands down Goodies has managed to beat out every single restaurant and friend’s grandma or aunt who have made empanadas for me thus far.

However, please note these are not for faint of heart. The medicated empanadas pack quite a punch. I couldn’t help myself and shoveled two into my mouth immediately upon receipt. Within about 30 minutes, I was feeling pretty good and ready to relax. They didn’t bring me down to the point of couch lock and I was able to continue a day of work, but I was feeling pretty “loosey goosey” and in very high spirits – pun intended.

The masterminds behind Goodies by Magooch are a dynamic wife and husband duo, Jenny and Rocky. They are patients servicing patients. Once upon a time Jenny was a bookkeeper at Steven Steak House in LA and Rocky was a union carpenter who wanted better tasting quality edibles at a reasonable price, and thus, Goodies by Magooch was born. They began creating their own personal use edibles and out of popular demand the company emerged.

Not only are their edibles phenomenal, but Jenny and Rocky are such a pleasure to work with. They always have crowds of people gathered around their booth at shows, even with the delicious competitors selling space cakes and other sweet items and their upbeat personalities draw in the crowds.

The team at Edibles List cannot wait to see what comes next for Goodies by Magooch. All we know, is that they are here to stay and if you haven’t tried their delicious infused empanadas I strongly suggest you do at the next cannabis event near you!

For more about empanadas and Gravity Lock Olive Oil visit: gbmagooch.com
or go to edibleslist.com and give us your own review of Goodies by Magooch.


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