Medible Feature: Happy Seed CBD Gummies

I am a C5/6 quadriplegic, and suffer from different types of neurological pain, and insomnia. Since ending the use of all pharmaceutical medications, I have been extremely spastic, and have noticed that CBD works really well for my spasticity. So, I was excited to discover that Happy Seed Edibles has a high CBD version of their Gummy Cup.

Happy Seed Edibles boasts a large product line including Dankies, a spin on the cult favorite Twinkie. They also offer an assortment of rice crispy treats, donuts, hard candies, a number of baked goods under the Buddha Baked line, and Green Mountain Honey. They have a full spectrum of products including several options made with Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD.

These made-from-scratch gummies are an excellent, professionally packaged product suited for my specific needs. They even brought me back to my childhood candy binges. The Cherry Bomb has a very pleasant sweet and sour flavor with a mild herbal finish.

This edible works perfectly for me because I am a “lightweight”. The dosage includes 20mg CBD, and 5mg THC. I am also an artist/painter, and need to be clear-headed as I work. I discovered that eating 1/3 of the Gummy Cup at a time was the best dosage for me. After about 15 minutes, my spasticity subsided significantly and eventually stopped entirely. My pain level also decreased, but I am still alert enough to continue working. Happy Seed

achieves the desired effect by using both hemp and whole plant CBD.

In my test of their products, when it was time to go to sleep, I had to switch to a THC rich medicine. I gave the Gummy Cup another try when I woke up the next morning to see if it would interfere with my work. I am happy to report that it was great being able to work all day without being interrupted by spasms and pain spikes.

We all have various physiological differences and tolerance levels that may affect efficacy. If you have not already, you should consult with a physician to determine the best path for you. With that, I highly recommend this product. It is perfect for those of you who need to work during the day without feeling high or drowsy, but need to be medicated to keep symptoms at bay.

The folks at Happy Seed explained that they do things a bit differently. We asked them about their infusion process and were surprised to hear there was not only one but three infusion processes. They use three different processes consisting of CannaButter, alcohol tincture reduction and dry ice extraction; “Together, we find it makes a perfect blend of active ingredients,” explained the owner.

It is clear that Happy Seed team’s dedication to using lab-tested, high quality, locally sourced products pays off! This product is extremely fresh and does not taste like preservatives as many gummy candies on the market do, both infused and non-infused. For Happy Seed’s menu and more information about the company check out: happyseededibles.com


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