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Home Grown Tradition Feature

HomeGrown Tradition is a noteworthy edible company with locations in California and Arizona. They make gourmet organic artisanal teas with flavors thoughtfully hand selected. The co-founders of HomeGrown Tradition are entrepreneurs, activists, and medical marijuana patients who, for years, have cultivated and benefited from the use of medicinal cannabis. The benefits of marijuana and the healing properties of tea sparked the inspiration in their latest venture, cannabis-infused tea.

The process of infusing chai tea with cannabis is a thousand year old tradition. With East Indian spiritual backgrounds the makers of HomeGrown Tradition teas have developed a proprietary extraction process and method of infusion that makes all the THC readily available for edible consumption. HomeGrown Tradition’s has put a modern twist on an ancient tradition.

Every batch of extraction is tested for uniformity and consistency at SC Labs using standard liquid chromatography testing. While competitors aren’t always labeled properly, HomeGrown Tradition uses highly scientific methods, in addition to decarboxylating the medicine to “activate” the THC before it gets in the bottle.

HomeGrown Tradition is helping to set the standard with edibles in California. The owners explain, “We are looking at what the states that have regulations are doing and using the best and the most restrictive practices from Washington and Colorado. When California does have regulations we’ll be ready with everything in place.”

They are committed to the extraction process, standard education on the medication, and labeling their tea properly so patients will know how much medicine is in their tea and what to expect. The entire bottle of infused tea is 70mg, however, because their concentrate is pre-activated it provides a much heavier effect, producing a pleasantly pain free high.

HomeGrown owners said, “Most people are afraid, because they’ve had a bad experience with edibles, too much or too little. The novice user isn’t educated about edible and infusted tea use, which is why we’re focused on educating the patient on the product and dosage. Most people should consume 5-10mg [of edible medicine] then wait. With our product, we recommend that patients start with one to two ounces of tea and wait thirty to forty minutes before experiencing any more to establish your tolerance levels – not all edible dosages are the same. Many edibles on the market do not ‘activate’ the THC before infusion so all of it is not bio-available.”

HomeGrown Tradition hopes to contribute to the current changing culture of cannabis and promote professionalism, not just on the dispensary level, but on the entire business spectrum level. They are also committed to educating people on why edibles are a beneficial method of medicine consumption as opposed to other delivery methods. “Getting the word out for patients to try our beverage is our goals .”They believe once tried, patients will be sold.

Their product is extremely potent and highly recommended for insomnia and severe pain like multiple sclerosis. I have an obscene tolerance to edibles and after drinking one drink, an hour later I was ready to go to sleep, usually the effect of a 300mg edible on me. Their current line of flavors include Bhang Chai Tea, Mellow Mint Green Tea, and Luscious Dark Chocolate Berry Tea, all can be enjoyed hot or cold. Another big plus about their product is that the bottle is re-sealable. Most other infused drinks in the industry are packed in beer bottle style sodas, requiring the entire dose to be consumed at one time or wasted.

Bhang Chai Tea, with its eleven premium organic spices, is pleasantly reminiscent of India. Chilled, it is refreshing as a cold glass of milk alongside fresh-baked cookies. Warmed, it is a soothing yet invigorating blend of distinct and alluring flavors.

Mellow Mint Green Tea is a bright, clean blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and Moroccan peppermint. A truly healing combination, it contains rejuvenating antioxidants and can be enjoyed warm for a soothing digestive aid. Chilled, it is perfect medicated refresher for a hot summer day.

Luscious Dark Chocolate Berry Tea is a juicy and luxurious blend that tastes like chocolate-dipped cherries in a drink. Made from organic Ecuadorian raw cacao and combined with rich, creamy vanilla and succulent cherries, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this flavor, being that I’m not a huge fan of chocolate. But I was pleasantly surprised at the balance of richness and velvety smooth flavors.

In addition to insomnia and general pain relief, HomeGrown Tradition teas are affective on muscle spasms, tension, inflammation, nausea, headaches and migraines. The end results is their beverage helps in minimizing patient needs for prescription pain relievers or narcotics.

HomeGrown Tradition is forging ahead in the cannabis infused products marketplace, creating new delicious exotic combinations they think will exciete their patients Plans are in the works for eventually launching additional edibles in their line outside of bottled teas, and they look to be a household name in the marijuana industry in every state with medicinal cannabis laws.

While the industry takes off like wildfire, they maintain that edibles are indeed safer than smoking. When asked about the rescheduling of cannabis, it was their opinion that it would happen within the next four to six years. “There have been a lot of fallen soldiers in this movement. It’s sad that a plant that grows from the ground and has healing properties has been under prohibition for so long. It took 10 years with alcohol, and that was in the day and age of newspapers and telephones, in today’s age it should catch on like wildfire.”

When recreational legalization happens nationally, or the Federal rescheduling of cannabis takes places, pharmaceutical big name corporations will jump into the industry. It’s important to HomeGrown Tradition to “have a reliable and trustworthy brand name with our patients.” Their medicine is “clean green” veganic cannabis, using nutrients provided by a live aquatonics eco-system, that produces nutrients the way nature intended. We are looking forward to tasting what they will brew up next!

Check them out at www.homegrowntradition.com
or @homegrowntradition on Instragram

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