Zasp offers a full line of highly refreshing cannabis infused drinks. The drinks are available in Black Cherry, Pink Lemonade, Tangerine and Tropical Punch; all of which are available in both 80mg and 120mg. I really enjoyed the Pink Lemonade, which I tried in 120mg and the Black Cherry flavor in 80mg. The Pink Lemonade was light and refreshing with a slight hint of cannabis. The 120mg drink was highly potent. I only drink part of it at first but there was a quick onset. The Black Cherry flavor reminded me of a sweet tart. I really enjoyed these drinks, as they were both thirst quenching and satiating.

Zasp offers a much smaller serving size than their competitors. Instead of a 16 fl oz serving size, Zasp’s serving is only 8.4 fl oz, with only 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar. The company uses organic cane sugar to sweeten their drinks, which I really appreciated because the Strawberry Lemonade did not have that gross fake sugar taste.

Their packaging is clean and professional; it includes ingredients, nutrition facts, all medical warnings, contact information and basically anything you would see on an FDA certifies product – even though we know the FDA does not certify cannabis infused products. A couple of interesting features we have never seen on packaging before are the strength meter giving you a strength meter between 1 – 5 and shows what the strength level of that particular drink is. The consumption advice gives a recommended timeline in which you can control your own dosing. If you are looking for a refreshing cannabis infused drink, look no further than Zasp.

To learn more about these fantastic drinks go to: zaspco.com


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