Over the past year the subscription box model has grown across all industries, including cannabis. We know there are several existing subscription boxes in our industry but none tailored to a part of the market that we know and love: edibles. We learned about Shades of Green some time ago, they are a company offering a subscription box catered to patients who enjoy or are interested in learning about edibles.

Shades of Green was created to be a “filter” for patients to easily discover new edibles, without having to rely on their own trial and error. As the company began their market research, the most common response was that someone had tried a “bud brownie” before, but had an underwhelming experience. It was apparent that there was a real need to change the perception of edibles in this industry. There are many different “shades” of “green” out there, it’s just difficult for patients to access them and thus, Shades of Green was born. Soon after, the founders began compiling a list of gourmet macarons, refreshing beverages and savory snacks!

The founders of Shades of Green are two Midwest guys who were always bombarded by alcohol advertisements and exposed to negative cannabis propaganda outlining it as being an illicit “drug”. They enjoyed cannabis edibles and saw a need in the market that does not necessarily replace a regular dispensary visit but instead is a way supplement the market.

To receive a Shades of Green box you have to begin by becoming a member of their collective. Go to to pre-verify. You must have a valid doctor’s recommendation from a licensed physician as well as a valid state ID. Then you choose the package you would like. You can choose the package that works best for you. Please note: shipping is already included. Then mid-month you receive a package with various edibles each month. No box is ever the same.

Currently, the packages they offer are month based, so you can purchase a 1-month, 3-month or 12-month

subscription. However, we have heard they are changing it, so you can choose different quantities of edibles you would receive each month.

Services like the Shades of Green box and delivery collectives are convenient in cities like Los Angeles where there is a concentrated amount of dispensaries with either an overwhelming amount of smokeless options or absolutely none. Shades of Green is also great for the patient who loves to dabble and try new things or a novice patient who is interested in learning about edibles while trying new things to see what may work best for them.

However, despite the convenience of these services there may be a grim future for delivery collectives on the horizon in California. AB 266 has completely negated the delivery collective system from its licensing options. Companies who want to distribute will have to get a license to distribute only to licensed retail locations. Luckily we still have quite some time left before laws are implemented and by then who knows what will have been amended. The founders of Shades of Green are on a mission to unite collectives and rally for a direct-to-consumer distribution license to be added into legislation.

We are proud to say that the Shades of Green January box will feature a few of our top picks! It’s safe to

say that The Edibles List knows edibles, so we are happy to share a few of our faves with our readers.
The companies included in our box are:

• Sensi Chews
• Yummi Karma
• Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles
• Remedy Plus
• Goodies by Magooch
• Varavo

And as an added bonus Lazy Mae’s Edibles and Canna Candys are included! We are giving away a Shades of Green x Edibles List Box. If interested check out our instagram @edibleslist and text EDIBLES to 63975 to better your chances of winning!

In the future the company plans to give the patients more control over selecting the products that go into their individual box each month, and also expand our product offering to areas such as CBD, high-end flower, and even concentrates!

Although there are several boxes on the market most focus on smoking accessories. They wanted to fill the gap in the market with their unique take on infused edibles. The founders are passionate about food-cannabis pairings and the real need for safe access to quality medicine.

These guys strive to change the many negative associations that come with cannabis. Shades of Green views edibles as a much healthier alternative to inhaling smoke. Their November Box, featured Jambo Superfoods, one of the healthiest edibles on the market (gluten free, raw & vegan). This is a good example of watching trends and paying attention to where the industry headed.

“Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine Be Thy Food” – Hippocrates. This sentiment is truly something the folks at Shades of Green are trying to protect. Our team at Edibles List is looking forward to a new box every month! Be sure to get your Shades of Green x Edibles List box today! Sign up at


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