Medible Feature: Trikom Treats Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

Disappointed with the edibles they saw available in the market, Trikom Treats planted their roots at home making their own infused products for personal use. While most edibles were inconsistent and lacking in flavor, they wanted to create a higher quality of standard with medical marijuana edibles. They have a full line of delicious baked goods, but their newest addition is their cannabis infused coconut oil.

“We started this company realizing it was a niche market for people that didn’t want to smoke. There are pros and cons to both, but the ingesting side is unique as it is a digestion process, and so it results in much more of the ‘body high’ than “head high” feeling. So it has a much longer lasting effect that smoking. Also it is very discreet.”

They use a heat-only infusion process because it is a natural, chemical/solvent-free process, and also ensures that the cannabinoids are fully activated and ready for the body to absorb when taken. The coconut oil comes in a 4 ounce jar, which is equivalent to half a cup. You can use the whole jar for a cake or a dozen cookies or brownies. Alternatively, you can also use the coconut oil as a spread or to cook with like any other butter.

Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride (a healthy saturated fat). When cannabis infused coconut oil is absorbed by the body the onset occurs much quicker than an animal fat. Some of the health benefits of coconut oil include reduced risk of heart disease, healthy skin and nails, it aids in weight loss by burning more fat, it fights bacteria and infections and stimulates brain function preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Topically, this infused coconut oil is all purpose great moisturizer and first aid kit addition. The coconut oil stimulates collagen and cell growth, which the cannabis will help with any dermatological issues or physical pain. You can also use it to moisturize hair if you have dry or brittle hair follicles.

For our review, we infused this superfood medicine into German chocolate cake. The effects of a 5 dose intake (approximately two small pieces of cake), were an extremely pleasant head change that allowed for pain relief and uninterrupted rest. We highly recommend trying out Trikom Treat’s Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil.


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