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There are few things in this life that I enjoy more than cannabis and well, donuts. Donuts are a wonderfully sinful treat that I just cannot stay away from. Strictly Edibles has managed to combine these two wonderful things to create one magnificent concoction, a cannabis infused donut!

I mean honestly, if you aren’t as excited as I am you should really re-evaluate your priorities in life. Let me mention, these are by far some of the best tasting edibles on the market. You should not take my word for it, go out and get one – seriously.

The amazingness does not stop with just donuts, oh no, brace yourself; their menu boasts an assortment of brownies, cookies, crispy treats, donuts, Lolos, “The Beast” (aptly named and will be touched upon later), and many more products to choose from. Lolos deserve an explanation; a Lolo is a miraculous cake, either chocolate or red velvet, filled with a non-dairy cream, covered in either dark chocolate or white chocolate; and just so you know, they are simply divine.

The mini-donuts are packaged in an opaque resealable bag with all pertinent information easily found on the front of the package. The information includes: nutritional facts, ingredients, and a full explanation of the product inside. The resealable bag is great because it really keeps the products and fresh for a while.The they do not disappoint.

At first glance, they seem as if they could be normal donuts, until you bite into one. The cake has a bit of a green tint to it, as Strictly uses cannabutter as their infusion method. You do not taste the cannabis at all in the beginning. The taste creeps up in the aftertaste and to me it actually tastes slightly like green tea. The cannabis acts as a complementary flavor profile in the product, as opposed to the main flavor profile like some of the other medibles on the market.

Each donut contains 100mg of THC and according to their Vendor Profile on, the company uses a hybrid trim and shake to produce their products. My guess is that they use sativa dominant hybrids as I am usually very sensitive to indica dominant hybrids, but I was still functional and didn’t get couch locked. I really liked the effects of this medicine. It was a really clean high and I didn’t get the drowsy comedown.
The Beast… The Beast, aptly named, is not messing around! It is a 1500mg brownie, with Reese’s Pieces, M&M Minis and white chocolate chips. Not only does this thing pack a HUGE punch, but tastes great too! Even though you can definitely cannabis in this, the flavor definitely does not overpower the other flavors of the brownie. The brownie is made with an Indica dominant hybrid and it hit this girl hard. Let me tell you Korova, The Beast will give the Black Bar a serious run for it’s money! This brownie is not for the faint of heart and should be taken with an extreme caution, unless you are trying to lose three days of your life! I only consumed a corner of it and had a hard time coming back from it. But, I have to admit for an Indica edible it gives you a very euphoric feeling – everything got really warm and I suddenly felt at peace.

According to the owners of Strictly Edibles, it all started with what they knew, baked goods… Let me tell ya’, they truly do know what they are doing. Thankfully they are not stopping at just baked goods, shortly they are launching a new CBD line as well as savory products!! Without a doubt this company is doing big things in Vallejo, CA and will only continue to gain traction. Strictly, keep churning out phenomenal edibles and Edibles List will keep eating em’! This company is 100% #EdiblesListApproved!!!!

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