Amidst all of the baked goods, hard candies and chocolates we rarely see edibles that are interesting enough for us to stop and take a second look. However, C.I.T.C PREMIER has done just that. They have created medicated TOOTHPICKS – Yes, I said toothpicks! The cinnamon flavored toothpicks weigh in at a whopping 2-3mg each, take me right back to being little and hanging out with my grandfather who always had cinnamon toothpicks on him.

At Edibles Magazine, we appreciate companies that dare to be different. More and more we are finding consumers who are looking for a discreet way to medicate without getting “totally wasted”. Since these are a low-dose, they are a great way to begin with edibles and are completely discreet. These are a great for people who are looking for something to take the edge off throughout the day or for someone with an oral fixation or trying to quit smoking.

The makers of PREMIER reminded us of something very important, “So many people tend to forget the whole reason there is a cannabis industry – the Patients.” It is true; I believe there are so many companies that get wrapped up in the heavy dosing game and forget that not all patients can tolerate 100mg or even 10mg. PREMIER is passionate about helping the patients and working with Veterans.

This company’s mission is simple: Medicate Different. It is apparent that they have certainly achieved that. Be sure to keep a look out for CBD and sugar dipped toothpicks. They come in bottles of 65, but they are addicting so be sure you get a couple containers! While writing this I went through five they are so delicious! For more information about C.I.T.C PREMIER please go to: www.premier-extracts.com


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