Oh, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
She really gets me high
You know that’s no lie (Bam-ba-Lam)

The Back-In-Black collection by Something Chocolate has our taste buds dancing! The soft creamy texture paired with an impeccable mix of spices and flavors. Something Chocolate is relatively new on the scene but has certainly taken the industry by storm. These chocolates come with four 20mg chocolates for a total of 80mg per box. The cannabis is almost undetectable to the palette, even to someone who eats cannabis for a living – extra points here! The four signature flavors Black Betty, Back In Black, Black Water and Black Dog all have integrated flavor profiles like Amaretto and Hazelnut that compliment the obviously high quality Belgian chocolate that is being used.
The creators of the Something Chocolate brand hold their truffles to the highest of quality standards.
The packaging is eye catching and engaging. It includes all pertinent information on the outside including Nutrition Facts, Ingredients, Consumption Advice and Best Buy Date. All things typically found on “real world” products but are still scarcely found in this industry. The box even features a small pamphlet with fun facts about each song the candy is named after.

I found their product to be great for daytime medicating. A box won’t knock you out and you can easily pop one or two of these guys in your mouth and still function throughout the day. Although, it is medicine, we shouldn’t have to feel like we are eating chocolate rolled in grass. More and more companies are realizing that in order to maintain market share they need to create more of an experience for the consumer; Something Chocolate has done just that. What really sets them apart is that they began their chocolate journey with non-infused truffles. This allowed them to perfect their recipes, practices and techniques before entering the cannabis market.

I have to tell you, these chocolates are precisely what a song would taste like! For more information and a look at what is coming up next for Something Chocolate, please go to: something-chocolate.com!


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