I reviewed the MasterBaker Snowball Effect 100 mg THC/package. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The packaging is very nice, but I could not tell that they were cookies until opening it. The package was clearly marked with all of the pertinent information. That is always good when you know your own tolerance level. For me to stay at a comfortable level, I know not to eat more than one quarter of the package’s contents at a time.

The cookies are absolutely delicious. They were very fresh and crisp. If you are used to eating infused foods, you may be able to tell that they are medicated. But for me, they were very tasty and effective. I have had to consume more medication than usual lately because of some outstanding medical problems. This is definitely a pleasant way of doing that.

From my experience, the dosing is pretty spot on. The packaging states 100 mg OG Kush. I didn’t see any weird preservatives or other odd ingredients. That is a huge plus in my book. I have to be very conscious of what I consume because certain ingredients in foods affect me in a huge way.

Masterbaker definitely has a hit here. I can’t wait to try another of their culinary creations. Please look them up when you get a chance, and happy landings…


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