I am just now discovering the concept of savory edibles and let me tell you, they’re out there, but they’re pioneered by people like the founders of EATMYGREENS, Javier and Marisa. Javier co-founded EATMYGREENS to share the product he’d cultivated to help his mother ailing of cancer. What makes Chong Mix so unique is the fact that right now – it’s the only product EATMYGREENS carries.

When asked why Chong Mix is ‘’EATMYGREENS’ shining solitary product, Javier commented, “Our company focused on the product itself — on Chong Mix….We decided to focus on one product and make it the best of the best. We feel we have accomplished that. Quality over quantity.” How unique! I say, why mess with perfection?

Chong Mix is a delightful experience for the palate with its colorful blend of herbs, spices, and little top notes of delicate sweetness. The different textures of its ingredients crunchy, and smooth are blended together to make eating Chong Mix a really interesting sensory experience.

The packaging for this medible is really clean and informative. The dosage and nutrition facts are displayed clearly on the front of the packaging and it’s easy to tear open on the side.

It is an Indica-based edible so it is paired with a sense of calm and heaviness and comfort that makes you want to sleep. Chong Mix is such a unique, vegan, palate-pleasing medible with really effective psychotropic effects that are engineered to treat pain, insomnia, pain, and depression.


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