Muffin Man Edibles

Do you know the Muffin Man? If not, you really should! Muffin Man is one of the best edibles I have recently tried. The Muffin Man was created on the streets and in the Coffeeshops of Amsterdam where the roots of the cannabis culture originated.

In 2002, Muffin Man’s passion for cannabis prompted The Muffin Man to move to Amsterdam to pursue a career in the cannabis industry. He became the head breeder for a prominent seed bank. Though, he never abandoned his culinary roots and always found time to bake medical muffins for his eagerly waiting friends and people he met. As word of mouth spread about the mysterious man handing out beautifully baked and properly dosed muffins, Muffin Man was born.

This particular product line was clearly created to be unique in the current market. The process to make the bars, with a layer of fresh, small batch made caramel and marshmallow, may not be the easiest road to take. However, taking the extra time and effort truly does make for a superior product.

While their Cali Bars are delicious, I simply cannot get enough of the amazing Caramel Marshmallow Bars. These gluten free products consist of a layer of fresh, small batch made marshmallow and caramel studded with toasted walnuts and pecans, dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy candied walnuts.

These bars are a delicious gluten free option and I super excited to see what comes next.

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