Medible Review: Sweet Mary Jane Colorado

Sweet Mary Jane is a Marijuana Infused Products Bakery or MIP, based in Boulder, Colorado. They opened with a medical infusion license back in 2010 and began creating high-end, gourmet, baked goods. Shortly thereafter founder Karin Lazarus began looking into cannabidiol, most commonly known as CBD and what this compound of cannabis can actually do for her patients. It was then that she decided to create a full line of tinctures including CBD, THCA and THC.

Currently, the line of CBD tinctures called Re-Leaf offers 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 6:1, and 18:1 CBD/THC ratios and come in one ounce bottles. Due to the overwhelming need for CBD, the company has created their own grow which is composed of 75% CBD plants. Sweet Mary Jane even offers a line for your furry companions! Creature Comfort is a THCA (inactivated THC) tincture that will not get your pet high and all proceeds are donated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Hudson, Colorado.

All of their tinctures are solventless and the carrier is organic hempseed oil. “When we were looking at how to make a medicine for people, not just baked goods, we didn’t want to use any solvents. I never want to take a chance with something like a CBD medication,” explained Karin. Tano, who heads the tincture department, explained that their commitment to quality is their number one goal. Not only do they test, but also triple test their products. They have in-house testing protocols they follow before they even send samples out to two separate third-party testing facilities.

Sweet Mary Jane is an honest edible company and takes pride and joy in treating their patients. They strive to accurately portray the ingredients in their tinctures and in and effort to increase precision, Tano actually created an automated system for the tincture recipes. By doing so, they are not only maintaining quality control, but are able to increase volume rapidly, “In the past 18 months, we have scaled up from producing 500 bottles a month to close to 500 per week,” explained Tano.

Sweet Mary Jane of Boulder is truly a company working to help patients; it is not all about the greenbacks for them. They work in assisting to create a better quality of life for their patients. Our mission at Edibles List has always been to help get the medicine in the patient’s hands that need it and Sweet Mary Jane is certainly one of those companies we hope that more patients will get their hands on. Sweet Mary Jane, you are most certainly Edibles List Approved!

To learn more about Sweet Mary Jane’s edibles, tinctures, and concentrates go to:!home/mainPage


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