NannaJuanas Superior Hemp Infused Lip Balm

Nanna Juanas Edibles Magazine Review

NannaJuana’s is a very cool company making Superior Hemp Infused Lip and Skin Care products. Naturally effective, vegan friendly, gluten free with no GMO’s and even PETA Certified with no animal testing. NannaJuana’s has an extensive line that includes soaps, oils, body butter and more. The Superior Hemp Infused Lip Balm is what I tried this month. The balm comes in a 15oz tube like a regular chap stick would, but only has 3 total ingredients: organic hemp oil, candelilla wax and mango butter. The directions are even simpler: ”Apply on lips as needed. Hemp – Hydrate – Heal.” NannaJuana is already my favorite lip balm and I just started using it. Incredibly soothing and delicious tasting without seeming unnaturally like candy or anything artificial. The box says, “When you want it blessed by Mother Earth… use NannaJuana”. Sounds like solid advice. To order some and read more visit nannajuanas.com.

Patrick Ian Moore

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