New Canna-Lubricant for Females – Foria

Taboo and unusual, Foria has brought to market a cannabis infused female lubricant for women’s health and pleasure needs. Made from coconut oil, THC and CBD oils, If ingested orally, Foria will produce the same effects similar to consuming an edible.

The expected effect is heightened sensation leading up to and during orgasm, deep body euphoria and a feeling of deep relaxation.

The recommended dosage is 4-8 sprays vaginally. Foria was designed to be applied to the entire vulva. They also recommend waiting approximately 30 minutes before engaging in intimate acts.

Menopausal women have been some of their strongest advocates, reporting that for many it helps with dryness, loss of sensation as well as access to orgasm.

We had the females on the Edibles List team personally tested the samples via vaginal intercourse. What we found was that it worked very well as a lubricant in general, and it definitely heightened sensation during and after orgasming.

All in all we think it’s an extremely unique and forward thinking product.

Check more out at www.ForiaPleasure.com

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