Medible Feature: Kushy Punch

We’ve seen their cool ads that insinuate their edible will punch you in the face (see next page). We are here to tell you that Kushy Punch definitely packs a hit.

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering, “what exactly is a Kushy Punch?”

Kushy Punch is only 30 calories. It’s fruit chew that contains 70 mg of THC (also available in 200mg THC, and 60mg CBD). It comes strained out in hybrid, indica and sativa, which we absolutely love. Kushy Punch is made from an all organic cannabis infusion, unlike most other edibles out there using butane or C02. The texture and consistency is somewhere between a a gummy and a hard candy. When you take the edible out of the box the Kushy Punch is wrapped in wax paper that recommends cutting the chew into 4 pieces for safe dosing.

We recommend consuming Kushy Punch with extreme caution, even if you have a high tolerance to edibles. They use a concentrated cannabis tincture for their infusion, and while it may seem like a small medible, if you consume the entire chew, it will surely hit you all at once later.

We found that that this particular edible seems to affect the user about an hour or so after having consumed it, and the effects are long lasting up to 8 hours. Kushy Punch is great for insomnia, pain, daytime pain management (when consumed in small doses), nausea, and mood stabilization.

You can also melt a piece of the candy into a drink or tea.

If you do happen to consume too much of any edible, eating to slow your metabolism, and sleeping it off are the best ways to combat feeling “too high.” But if there’s anyway you can get a hold of a CBD tincture, a CBD strip, CBD bud flowers, or a CBD edible, CBD is the anecdote for a THC overdose.

For more information go to www.KushyPunch.com

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