Om Edibles Review

Om Edibles is a San Francisco based company, founded in 2006, by a badass stoner chick, with a long-term affair with cannabis.

Maya, creator of Om Edibles says, “It [cannabis] always brought so much joy to my life.”

Two years after dispensaries started opening their doors, Maya became a medicated barista, aka “budtender,” at an underground shop on Polk & Sutter. It was her first time making a living with cannabis, and with a degree in Psychology; she became an enthusiast, connoisseur and educator of marijuana. It was at that time Maya’s first product was created, frozen medicated cookie dough that patients could take-and-bake at home and have freshly made edibles anytime they wanted them, without the hassle of going to a dispensary.

Not very long into the shop’s existence, and in an all too familiar fashion, the Federal government shut it down. [Coincidentally, the landlord of that shop is my close friend and web design client, but it took a decade and Instagram for the universe to formally introduce us to Maya.]

Despite the collective’s unfortunate fate, Maya continued to forge ahead with her cannabis infusions. Her next hit product was a topical she still carries today, “Lion Balm,” great for any kind of physical pain from cuts, scrapes, bruises, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, menstrual pain and more. Ahead of her time in the cannabis industry, she knew that being able to medicate without “getting high” was key to re-branding marijuana in the public eye.

Maya and her team at Om Edibles have become extremely passionate about helping people with healthy edibles. They use only organic high quality ingredients for their edibles and topicals. In 2011, her Peanut Butter Truffle won Best Edible at the San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Om Edibles Mission: Stay true to integrity and be passionate about being compassionate.
Maya openly expresses her love, knowledge and gratitude for the herb, while sharing how to use and enjoy cannabis as a part of a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis with her patients.

In addition to the Peanut Butter Truffle and Lion Balm, they offer an array of tinctures, bath salts, olive oil, coconut oil and a hard candy line as well their peanut butter cups (that are absolutely amazing). The Liquid OG Kush tincture is everything you love about Kush. All of Om’s products are made from whole bud plant extract, as Maya believes it is the vendor’s responsibility as a medicine provider to only distribute the most natural ingredients possible, especially when dealing with patients with compromised immune systems. Additionally, they offer CBD tinctures as well as CBD coconut oil, which are also made from a whole bud plant extract, allowing the use of the entire spectrum of cannabinoids. Maya believes in using additional herbs like lavender and chamomile to enhance the healing effects of her tinctures.

Maya explains that , “[her product] should be used as a vitamin supplement or super food.”

The Epsom salts won 2nd Place at the 2015 SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. To successfully creae this product, Om combines the healing effects of marijuana with hydrotherapy.

Using a proprietary blend of cannabis and herbs, the medicated bath is an intoxicating experience, for the entire body. The bath helps the body heal itself, as the herbs are absorbed through both the skin’s pores as well as the colon. It also helps with anxiety, depression and any dermatological issues.

The bath salts are made from a whole plant extract

Beyond the plant as a medicine, Maya testifies that cannabis brings us together as a part of a collective consciousness, allowing us to forget about our negative stressors, and self-medicate.

Maya expressed her feeling about how cannabis affected her life, “In this chaotic environment we live in, I honestly believe that cannabis makes me a better person.”


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