No doubt the Dixie brand is recognizable to those in the cannabis community and many of those not in the industry, thanks to MSNBC’s “Pot Barons”. Dixie Brands boasts an extensive list of products ranging from the well-known Dixie Elixirs to topicals, chocolates, drops, capsules, mints, and vapes to a pet line called Therabis, and now even a full hemp CBD line named Aceso.

Their range of products allows the company to hit more target markets based on need, dosages and consumption abilities. In my humble opinion, I love their elixirs/drinks. Truth be told, there is one in my refrigerator at all times. Not only do they offer a great value, but minimal consumption provides you maximum benefit. Plus they all taste great!

Dixie prides themselves on being a trusted source for innovative, safe, effective and delicious cannabis products. All of their products are well controlled, specifically dosed, and produced with the highest regard to quality. They use only high quality CO2 to infuse their handcrafted products.
For the 420 celebration they have “flipped the script”. Instead of cashing in on the influx of sales for the “Super Bowl of Cannabis”, they are giving back. As one of the largest companies in the industry, it is important that they pave the way for social responsibility. Dixie teamed up with Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) to shed light on the harsh consequences of the U.S. war on marijuana. Dixie and MPP are on a mission this high holiday to change the paradigm surrounding 420. For every case of the Limited Edition 100mg Wildberry Lemonade Elixir sold to a dispensary/distributor in California or Colorado, they will donate $15 to MPP to help fund the fight on the legalization policy. They are not only talking the talk; they are walking the walk!

The packaging is fun, just like the 420 celebration reflects. The flavors POP on your tongue like a 420 celebration should, but more importantly they are doing good for our community! Do us all a favor this 420 holiday season and be sure to purchase a Limited Edition 100mg Wildberry Lemonade Elixir to support the fight for our companies, our friends, our family. Wild Berry Lemonade Dixie Elixirs, made only for the 420 holiday season, are a great combination of a delicious product and meaningful philanthropy that will actually effect change and all of us that believe in the positive effects of cannabis/MMJ. From drinks, to chocolates, to mints…to the future. To find out more about Dixie and the Pot & Predjudice campaign, please go to: www.DixieElixirs.com


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