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“Being around females in the industry is great. It’s not just stoners out here!”

THE RENAISSANCE WOMAN – Though this industry was born out of the grassroots movement, there is a growing fear that big business will come in and shut out all the little guys. It is no secret that the cannabis industry is the hottest market for investment right now. However, whom should they invest in? How should vendors work with investors? What deals are good deals? How should cannabis entrepreneurs (or wannabes) proceed, raise money, grow their businesses? These questions are precisely ones that Sheri Orlowitz, of Artemis Holdings Group, can help answer.

Sheri represents the “other side” of the industry, but she is using her standing in business, law and the political realm to help further the cannabis industry domestically and internationally. Due to her reputation and integrity, she is able to get in front of the politicians and CEOs of large corporations and non-profits and explain the benefits to those who may otherwise be uncomfortable with the thought of legalizing cannabis. Currently, she is working with the Greek government to approve a GMP facility to cultivate, process and export medical cannabis to the EU, which will inevitably lead Greece into an economic upswing.

Sheri’s background is in entrepreneurship and has had of several successful careers. She was an actress for eight years, a commodities trader, a lawyer for the DOJ – she actually dealt with asset forfeiture, the set of laws that allows the Feds to seize your assets – without being proven guilty – if suspected to come from the sale of illegal drugs – like heroin, meth or even cannabis. Additionally, she has developed real estate, raised close to $100 million for her ventures, and orchestrated leveraged buyouts of ten manufacturing companies that she operated as CEO and CFO.

Business and finance are going to become an important part of the industry explained Sheri, “If cannabis businesses, dispensaries, and cultivators–are going to be successful they need to ensure they excel legally, financially, and operationally, that is what she wants to help do. Margins are good, they forgive a lot right now, but I am beginning to see the landscape strewn with failed businesses. So, it’s starting to happen and in this industry it can happen fast.”

She went on to explain the importance of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) especially at the infused products level. These are used in the pharmaceutical industry and she feels they need to be adopted into ours. She explained this gap is exactly the reason she came into the industry; she felt she could lend some of her expertise gained in 20 years of presiding over and ensuring quality and consistency in manufacturing companies to the cannabis industry.

Manufacturing is uber male dominated, but Sheri explained that she steeled herself for the industry and received the respect it was not easy, it was not pleasant, it is not the future. The cannabis industry does not need to parallel; women have the opportunity to make it their industry and embrace the values of social impact companies. Simply put, an Industry that recognizes and respects all stakeholders; vendors, customers, owners and employees and is committed to being environmentally sound and sustainable.

She commented on the fact that until we see cannabis go federally legal, there is so much opportunity for small businesses and women. It is apparent that our industry is maturing quickly and the importance of understanding business is going to be a vital part of having a successful company in the cannabis market. Sheri is truly a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. She wants to help this industry blossom under women. She has lived in the man’s world and knows its downfalls and foibles. It is time to leave it behind. She hopes to see the cannabis industry be led by women who embrace the social impact.

To learn more about Sheri Orlowitz and Artemis Holdings please go to:
Twitter: @SheriSlo
LinkedIn: /Sheri Orlowitz
Facebook: /Sheri Olorwitz

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