“Women are powerful. Use your power for good.”

THE FEARLESS FIGHTER – Tanganyika aka Tangy has appeared in our magazine previously (see Issue No. 18) as a part of our Veterans issue. Tangy is a USMC veteran, who has dedicated her life to advocating for cannabis. She began her career in cannabis as the Executive Assistant at TKO Edibles. She loved working for the company, but bigger things were in her future.

She has a cannabis brand called Jayn Green that features a full line of self care products including beard oil, beard balm and body butter. The products all stemmed from someone sitting next to her at a 420 College with a terrible smelling salve on. She felt that there had to be a better way, so she began making her own topicals that not only worked but had an amazing scent for pleasure as well.

Activism is a vital part of this industry, and Tangy is absolutely involved. Recently, she spoke at the NAACP about adding diversity into the industry. She explained to me that she feels that minorities should not be left behind in this industry and that she is worried that is beginning to happen. Her goal is to help educate minorities about the benefits of cannabis, “There are so many entrepreneurial opportunities, and we can really use our intellect to shine here.”

Tangy is a fighter; she went through two tours in Iraq while in the military. She notes that this industry’s fight is long from over and how important it is that we stay inclusive to everyone. It shouldn’t matter who you are or what your background is, if you have something to offer our community accepts you. She even told me her favorite aspects of the industry, “I love this industry. I love the grind of it. I love the passion of the people. I love helping people.”

Tangy is the co-producer of the cannabis documentary The Secret Life of Trimmers, and she just published an eBook starter guide for Cannaprenuers called, The Canna Print. It is a complete guide about how to get started in the industry, how to get involved in a non-legal state, where to find funding options, how you can become an investor in the industry, 50+ benefits of cannabis and so much more.

For more information about Tangy, Jayn Green or The Canna Print please go to:
Periscope: /Jayn_Green
IG: @Jayn.Green
Twitter: @Jayn_Green

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