The Doobie Company was started with the hope of bringing innovative and healthy medication options to local Proposition 215 patients. While people usually associate medication with health, traditional methods of medicating with cannabis are far from healthy. Traditional edibles tend to be high in sugar content and may contain ingredients that some with healthier or more active lifestyles try to avoid. The Doobie Co. is “dedicated to getting medicated” by offering healthy alternatives to high sugar edibles.

Doobie Juice Medicated E-Liquid uses premium quality shatter in a painstaking and time-consuming cooking and steeping process that has been developed and fine-tuned over the past three years to maximize flavor and potency. The e-juice is offered in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid options and are very discrete. Doobie Juice contains more than 1200 mg of THC per 15 ml bottle and is SC Labs tested. It can be used as an e-liquid, as a tincture, and as an additive that can be dripped on any product for smoking or eating. They also offer .5 gram bottles which has half the potency. The flavors are delicious! Out of the three I tried – Cereal Rip, Vanilla Buzz and Strawberry Slap – my favorite was the Cereal Rip, perhaps because it was the Sativa version. I really enjoyed how smooth it was to hit and how versatile the uses are!

Doobie Protein Bars are made from all natural ingredients and are a healthy way to satisfy hunger, consume high-energy nutrients, and (most importantly) get medicated. The bars incorporate extracts in the form of varying butters and oils, which are applied in three different phases of the production process. The medicated protein bars are made from oats, wheat bran, sunflower seed, nuts, and dipped in chocolate. In addition to THC, each bar contains six grams of protein. The scrumptious bars are perfect for daytime medicating. They not only give you the THC pick-me-up, the protein gives you a little extra oomph to get up and moving!

If interested in The Doobie Company and their products please go to: www.TheDoobieCompany.com

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