Weed Versus Wine: The True Artistry Behind Cannabis Cultivation

Weed Versus Wine: The True Artistry Behind Cannabis Cultivation

There is no doubt that growing marijuana is artistry that should be appreciated for its beauty and power. Art, by definition is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form. Artists produce works to be appreciated primarily for their aesthetics or emotional influence. Cannabis cultivators can therefore definitely be considered artists, as they use a vast array of varying techniques to produce awe-inspiring plants to be appreciated for their visual appeal. I personally use all natural, organic growing methods to allow the plant to express itself in its truest form. I take this duty very seriously and consider it an art.

Cannabis cultivation is very similar to winemaking, which has been praised as a sophisticated form of art. Both grape and cannabis growers nurture their crops from the ground up, and true growers treat their plants like babies and have intimate relationships with them. Just like wine makers grow different kinds of white and red grapes to produce Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and other types of wine, ganja growers also choose between different seeds to grow specific strains. Likewise, wine grapes and cannabis are both difficult to grow correctly and require constant nurturing from the seed or clone.

Wine producers and ganja growers must also work to foresee potential issues, pick the right time to harvest, and try to achieve the highest possible quality of plant. Once the crops have been cut down in both industries, there are detailed processes which take place to polish the final product and create the end result. Wine and pot enthusiasts then take time to analyze and appreciate the color, taste, smell, and essence of the final product. At smoke sessions, 4/20-friendly folk can be seen closely examining the nugs and discussing how they smell, look, and feel. Similarly, you will see wine lovers at tastings swirling samples of different wines and chatting about how their flavors and aromas vary. For all of these reasons, cannabis cultivation is very similar to winemaking and should be considered a great form of art to be admired and celebrated.

Anthony Franciosi was born and raised in New Jersey until 2008 when he moved to Colorado to become a marijuana farmer. Since then, Anthony has founded Honest Marijuana, an organic marijuana growery. Outside of work, Anthony can be found high up in the mountains on his snowboard.

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