Topical Review: Lacuna Botanicals

Relax * Rejuvenate * Restore is the Lacuna Botanicals motto. A new line of body care products first introduced in Colorado, whose focus is providing natural infusion. With no preservatives they encourage you to use the product within a month of purchase and date on each package when it was manufactured. Sharing in the packaging to use clean hands upon application and using small amounts as it is very concentrated tropical. There are four body sprays of natural oils and scents. From Vanilla, Coconut, Citrus and Natural, I found that there was Hemp Seed oil in them and what a difference as the absorption rate is 98% deeper topically as comparison to other oils. I used at night and when waking up the next morning my skin felt like it was supple and soft. The other topicals were massage balm, tension relief, hands, feet and cuticles and a facial formula. I would have liked another type of packaging as the style of the container was difficult to open, but well worth the effort. It was great to see how fresh these all were by the date on each container as well. All in all the natural ingredients, freshness of product and simple clean packaging made getting to know Lacuna a personal mini spa day with fantastic results as I felt at the end Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Restored!

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