Edible Review: Canna Pearls

With so many new products coming out every week it is exciting to see something truly out of the blue. Or out of the oysters of the sea as Canna Pearls. This caviar appearing item is small, round, little spheres of cannabis oil in a Boba type ball. Available in 10 or 25 milligrams, in which you may coil vape, place in a pipe or pop like caviar. I tried the 25 mg along with other friends of different levels of tolerance. One friend had 75mgs, what can I say a “high” tolerance…We were all hydrated, on an empty stomach and in a safe environment. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for all of us, a gradual build and a mellow uplifting sativa afternoon made the time with friends even more enjoyable. It does come packaged with a coil heating vape battery or you can purchase the containers of Canna Pearls on their own. One of my new favorite products!

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